The NSXninjas Podcast – Episode 0004 – NSX-v to NSX-T Migrations w/ Andrew Voltmer, NSX Product Manager

In this episode of The NSXninjas Podcast, special guest and subject matter expert, Andrew Voltmer joins us to discuss NSX-v to NSX-T migration options, methods and best practices. If you’re planning a migration or have one on the horizon, this show is a must. Not to mention, Andrew shares an enlightening and worthy PSA at the end of the show, so make sure to listen in and give it some consideration. We’re all in this together!

– Host: Erik Hinderer –

– Co-host: Jim Streit –

– Special Guest: Andrew Voltmer, NSX Product Manager for VMware –

The NSXninjas Podcast – Episode 0003 – NSX Intelligence with Marcos Hernandez

In this episode of The NSXninjas Podcast, special guest Marcos Hernandez breaks down NSX Intelligence, the business problems it solves and how AI/ML provides the fastest path to achieve and maintain security compliance with micro-segmentation.

NSXninjas Podcast – Episode 0002 – 02-21-20 – NSX Service Mesh and Multicloud w/ Niran Even-Chen

In this episode of The NSXninjas Podcast we welcome special guest Niran Even-Chen as he breaks down NSX Service Mesh, Multicloud and what he’s seeing out in the field. An incredibly thoughtful discussion on how the abstraction of services from multicloud environments is the next evolutionary step and how service meshes are being used for shared services among telcos for NFV and 5G solutions.


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NSXninjas Podcast – Episode 0001 – 02-21-20 – Inaugural Show

Our mission here on the NSXninjas podcast is to help share NSX field knowledge and lessons learned with the greater community. Each week, we’ll be hosting special guests from VMware and from the expert community, with lessons learned from the field and insights into all things surrounding NSX.