NSXninja Blogs

  • VDI Segmentation in Minutes with VMware NSX
    Securing VDI workloads with VMware NSX is incredibly easy and quick. In this post, I'll demonstrate how to implement segmentation for VDI workloads to prevent undesirable and unintended VDI to VDI communications. In most environments, there are more users than applications and the number of desktops greatly outnumbers servers. Thus, the attack surface for user … Read more
  • Updating Docker in Kubernetes for the NSX-T NSX Container Plugin
    I recently put on a little Saturday morning hackathon for a friend and figured I’d share a poorly documented NSX-T NSX Container Plugin tip. The default Ubuntu repositories don’t have the most current version of Docker and the NSX-T NCP requires a very current version of Docker and related packages. Run the following command as a … Read more
  • BGP with FortiGate and NSX
    At home I use a Fortinet FortiGate 60E firewall between the internet and my lab environment. I do a lot of NSX testing and experimenting and typically have used static routes between devices because its easy. This is fine for a while, but eventually it becomes more effort to manage the static routes. Most of … Read more