The NSXninjas Podcast – Episode 0006 – VMware Assists State Muni with 8,000 WFH Employees

Do you like a good story? How about a story of a state municipality reaching out to a VMW team for help to enable 8,000 workers w/ #WFH access and how they worked together to build a simple, secure and scalable load balancing solution in days?

Listen in as we have special guests, Kevin Moats and Ralph Stoker to hear how they helped a client take a Horizon PoC environment leveraging the users existing physical desktops, into production using the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (AVI) to support the 8,000 users in 24 hours.

Host: Erik Hinderer

Co-host: Jim Streit

Special Guests: Ralph Stoker, Kevin Moats

Big shout out to the following people who helped in this project and acted selflessly, when a friend asked for assistance in a time of need. You are all truly EPIC2.

  • Matt Honigford – Identified the need and reached out to VMware resources
  • Bill Zulkosky – Sponsored the AVI technical assistance
  • Robert Miller – Assisted with the load balancing design and deployment
  • Ralph Stoker – Lead the network requirements / AVI setup and Horizon network link
  • Bob Johnston – Lead the design and implementation of the Horizon expansion and physical desktop agent deployment
  • Kevin Moats – Assisted with the network requirements / AVI setup and Horizon network link (Acted as project manager between Horizon and network teams)

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